Linda McClenny - President

Prior to opening Linda, Inc., in 1997, Linda had 18 successful years in Corporate Sales and Marketing Management with Consumer Product companies in the Pharmaceutical, Food, and HBC categories, with companies such as M&M Mars, Wyeth Averyst, Richardson Vicks, and Revlon. With this experience and success, Linda launched Linda, Inc., a unique Beauty, Health, and Personal Care Marketing Company which is dedicated to developing products for Private Label product lines for new and established companies/Brands. Linda, Inc., specializes in producing "one of a kind" products and formulas, as well as developing unique Branding angles in Marketing.

Victoria Crosby

Victoria is a managing partner of Linda, Inc. She has been a licensed Master Aesthetician for over 20 years and an educator in the Spa & Beauty Industry. As an educator, Victoria built her platform around replacing dangerous and harsh ingredients commonly used in personal care products, with natural and healthy ingredients instead. She was conducting educational seminars on "Healthy Cosmetics" before it was the prominent force in the Cosmetic Industry as it is today. She has worked with many companies and individuals, including numerous celebrity clients over the years. As a skin care specialist, she realized that regular color cosmetics were counter productive for healthy skin. She hosted her own TV show in Las Vegas named "Energetics With Victoria" where she interviewed and discussed health topics with other like minds in the industry. This led her on a path of finding and creating products that were not only healthy for the skin, but beautiful as well. On this path she met Linda McClenny of Linda, Inc. In 2002 she partnered with Linda, Inc., and, together with their other partners, they have combined the Beauty Industry with the Natural Beverage Industry to conceive, develop, formulate, manufacture, and/or source and market several full lines of Natural Cosmetics and Health Drinks for the "Private Label" and "Branded" markets. Victoria's approach to business is summed up with a quote her Aesthetic teacher taught her the first day of class. "They don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Cynthia Rager

Cynthia Rager is a business partner of Linda, Inc. has over 25 years of professional experience in the Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery market. Her work includes product development, formulations, testing, sales and consultancy of cosmetics and skin care products for companies that include LaCosta Spas International, Home Shopping Network and Color Me Beautiful (3,000 consultants domestic and international), partnership in an aesthetic plastic surgery cosmetic peel center, and started Rager Clinical Skin Care which developed into ItegraLife Spa, a full service integrated medical and cosmetic spa. She also owns IntegraDerm, Inc., a formulation and manufacturing operation. While working in the plastic surgery clinic, Cynthia wrote training manuals and authored a paper that was published in 1993 in the Annals of Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery on new form of medical tattoo, Cosmetic Micro-pigmentation. She also wrote a chapter in Principles and Practices of Ocular Plastic Surgery medical text book on micro-pigmentation that included reconstruction post surgical pigmentation, published in 1996. Cynthia taught classes to Plastic Surgeons, Ocular Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons in Florida and at Plastic Surgery seminars nationally.